ICSA Publications

  • What are the ICSA's publications?

                ICSA Bulletin
                Statistica Sinica
                Statistics in Biosciences
                ICSA Newsletter (electronic)

  • How can I get to the Statistica Sinica web site?


  • How can I get to the Statistics in Biosciences web site?


  • Do I have an electronic access to two ICSA journals: Statistica Sinica and Statistics in Biosciences?

               Yes. Being an ICSA member, you are allowed to have a full access of all articles published in Statistica Sinica and Statistics in Biosciences.

               First, you need to login to the ICSA Membership Only Area. Second, on your ICSA membership page, simply click on the picture of Statistica Sinica (SS), which brings you to SS home page and then you can view all articles from there without any further password; and click on SIB picture which will bring you to SIB page with the full access of all articles.