ICSA Membership

  • Who can become ICSA members?

                Chinese (and non-Chinese) statisticians all over the world.

  • How can I be a member of ICSA?

                Simply click on here, then you can start to fill in online registration form if you have never joined ICSA before. Or fill the membership application form and mail it to:

Gang Li, Ph.D. (Executive Director)

Scientific Director, Real World Evidence

Statistics & Decision Sciences

Janssen R&D US

1125 Trenton-Harbourton Road

Titusville, NJ 08560

Email: gli@its.jnj.com

               Please click on Membership page for more details.

  • Is there any long term membership?

               Yes, $1000 for life (permanent membership).

  • Can I apply for membership online?

               Yes. Simply click on here then you can start to fill in the online registration form and pay the membership fee via credit card online if this is the first time you join ICSA.

  • How can I get into Members Only Area? (Due to the web server conversion, please contact OICSA at icsaweb2014@gmail.com directly if you want to get in the members only area.)

              (a) First, click on Membership on the left panel of the ICSA Home page and click on Membership Only Area (in Red), or, directly click on "ICSA Members Only" on the left panel of the ICSA Home page.

              (b) Second, below "ICSA Membership Login Here:"
                          type: your email address
                           e.g., oicsa@icsa.org.

              (c) Third, enter your password and you will enter the ICSA member's only page.

              (d) If you do not have a password or forgot the password, then click on: "Not sure or forgot password?"

              An email from the system will be automatically sent to you and then follow the instructions from the email to set up your password.

              In order to make your new password effective, you must close all web browsers and open a new web browser and re-enter the ICSA members only area by repeating (a)-(c).

  • Do I receive an ICSA ID?

               No, ICSA will no longer issue an ID. Your email address will serve as your ICSA ID.

  • To whom should I contact if my current email address cannot be recognized by the system?

               Please contact OICSA ( icsaweb2014@gmail.com) and the OICSA staff will update your email address in the system so that you can set up your password.

  • How do I check the status of my ICSA membership?

               Simply login to the ICSA Membership Only Area and you will see the status of your ICSA membership.

  • When will my ICSA membership be expired?

               Your membership will expire after 365 days from the date when you paid the membership fee last time.

  • How do I renew my ICSA membership?

               Login to the ICSA Membership Only Area using your password and click on a link entitled:
               "Renew Membership and Make Online Payment Now".

  • How can I update my profile in the ICSA database?

              Again, login to  the ICSA Membership Only Area using your password and click on a link entitled:
              "Change Profile".

              Notice that your password will not work if your email address is changed. In this case, you need to reset your password.

  • I forgot my login password. How can I reset the password?

               You can go to the webpage http://www.icsa.org/icsa_login/icsa_php/login.html, click the link “Click to Reset Password”, and follow the instruction.

  • I signed up to the ICSA website using my previous work email address. Can I still login to ICSA website using that email address? If not, what can I do?

              Email is your id in our system. You cannot change your email. If you need change your email, please send a request email to oicsa@icsa.org. We will process it in 3-5 business days.

  • I did not receive the link for 2018 ICSA election. Can you send to me the link so that I can cast my vote?

             Please make sure you use the email in our system. You can login to our member website to confirm it. The voting system requires active member status on July 1st, 2017. If your membership status is not active on July 1st, you won't receive the email.