Short Courses at the 2018 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The 2018 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium will be held from Thursday,

June 14 to Sunday, June 17, 2018, at Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, New

Jersey, USA (see

The conference features 7 half-day and 4 full-day short courses on

Thursday, June 14:


Half-day: Statistical Topics in Health Economics and Outcomes

Research: Patient-Reported Outcomes, Meta-Analysis, and Health


Instructors: Dr. Joseph C. Cappelleri (Pfizer Inc); Prof. Thomas

Mathew (University of Maryland Baltimore County)


Half-Day: Data Visualization: Elements, Grammar, and Evolution Length

Instructor: Dr. Xiaoyue Cheng (University of Nebraska at Omaha)


Half-Day: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Precision

Medicine Length Instructor: Dr. Haoda Fu (Eli Lilly & Company)


Half-Day: Futility Analyses in Confirmatory Clinical Trials – Methods

and Procedures Instructors: Dr. Paul Gallo (Novartis); Dr. Satrajit

Roychoudhury (Pfizer Inc)


Half-Day: Credit Scoring Models

Instructor: Dr. Tushar Waghmare (Genpact, NY); Dr. Neville O’Reilly

(Rutgers University, NJ)


Half-Day: Applied Quantile Regression

Instructor: Dr. Yonggang Yao (SAS Institute Inc.)


Half-Day: Statistical Analysis with Noisy Data - Dealing with

Measurement Error and Missing Values

Instructor: Dr. Grace Y. Yi (University of Waterloo)


Full-Day: Preparing Statisticians for Leadership: How to See the Big

Picture and Have More Influence

Instructor: Dr. Fang Chen (SAS Institute Inc); Dr. Gary Sullivan

(American Statistical Association)


Full-Day: Preparing Statistician to be Successful Big Data Scientist

Instructors: Dr. Hui Lin (DowDuPont); Dr. Ming Li (Amazon)


Full-Day: Analyzing Longitudinal Clinical Trial Data

Instructors: Dr. Craig Mallinckrodt (Eli Lilly & Company); Dr. Ilya

Lipkovich (IQVIA)


Full-Day: Biased Sampling, Over-Identified Parameter Problems and Beyond

Instructor: Dr. Jing Qin (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease)


Detailed descriptions of the courses are available at

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