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 Announcement on the Change of ICSA Membership Fees

There has been no change on the regular fee for 16 years, and no change on lifetime membership for 7 years. The income from current membership fees can cover less than half of ICSA expenses. Unlike ASA, ENAR and IMS, current ICSA operations are mainly based on volunteers. Although ICSA pays IT and office staff, the payment is minimal and our IT needs much more investment to keep current support, let alone better support. The membership fee has been reviewed by the membership committee several times and the rate change has been discussed in the board of directors meetings.

Statistica Sinica: Call for submissions for a special issue on "Big Data in Environmental Studies"

The environment has become increasingly important in recent years as pressures from human impacts and interactions are starting to be realized. This is not an isolated or a local issue. Most indicators suggest that global warming is already showing impacts throughout the world and extreme weather events have become commonplace. Furthermore, the impact of air pollution, such as smog and high PM2.5 measurements, on health and economy is once again a serious problem in developed and developing countries worldwide.

Deadline Extension for The 10th International Multiple Comparison Procedures

Dear ICSA members,

We would like to draw your attention about the deadline extension (Feb. 16, 2017) for the abstract submission for The 10th International Multiple Comparison Procedures. The MCP2017 organizing committee encourage you to submit abstract through the conference web site  (http://www.mcp-conference.org). 

Best regards


Online Registration is open for 2017 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium

The 2017 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium will be held from Sunday, June 25 to Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at the Hilton Chicago Downtown in Chicago, Illinois. Details are on the symposium website: http://bioinfo.stats.northwestern.edu/~icsa/

Online registration is open now, please click following link: http://www.icsa.org/icsa_login/meeting/login.php.

Joint membership fee between ICSA and IMS

We are glad to report the good news that ICSA’s Board of Directors approved a joint membership fee between ICSA and IMS. It will be effective from January 1, 2017. Details of the agreement with IMS are: (1)    ICSA members (regular or permanent) will receive a 25% discount on IMS (annual) regular membership fee. The rate that ICSA members to join IMS will be $79 for 2017 (regular rate is $105); (2)     IMS members (regular or lifetime) will receive a 25% discount on ICSA (annual) regular membership fee.

Winners of 2016 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium Student Award

ICSA Student Award

      •   Fei Gao, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

      •   Yi Lu, Ohio State University

      •   Ziyi Li, Emory University

      •   So Young Park, North Carolina State University

      •   Kevin Lee, The Pennsylvania State University

ASA Biopharmaceutical Award

      •   Lijia Wang, Emory University

      •   Xiaolu Zhu, UIUC

Jiann-Ping Hsu Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Sciences Student Paper Award

      •   Xinrui Zhang, University of Florida


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