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Statistics Association Presidents Establish the Elizabeth L. Scott and F.N. David Lectureships

On April 26, 2018,  the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Sciences (COPSS) announced the establishment of two lectureships named after women: The Elizabeth L. Scott Lecture, and the F.N. David Lecture. The lectures will be given in alternate years at the annual Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) beginning in 2019. For more information, please click here.

Vancouver Harbour Dinner Cruise

ICSA sponsors a Vancouver Harbour Dinner Cruise at JSM on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. This awe-inspiring sunset over the Pacific Ocean awaits you on the popular Sunset Dinner Cruise. Enjoy delicious cuisine and live music as you pass by the magnificent Vancouver skyline on this 2.5-hour cruise. Experience panoramic views of Stanley Park, the North Shore Mountains, the million-dollar ocean-side homes of West Vancouver and more.

Call for ICSA Award Nominations

Pao-Lu Hsu Award

The Pao-Lu Hsu Prize is presented every three years by the International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA), usually at an ICSA conference, to an individual under age 50, who makes influential and fundamental contributions to any field of statistics and probability, and exemplifies Hsu's deep involvement in developing statistics and probability research with significant impact on education.

Call for Nominations of Candidates for 2018 ICSA Officers

The ICSA 2018 Nomination Committee is seeking nominations of candidates for the 2019 officers. The positions include ICSA President-Elect, ICSA Biometrics Section Chair and ICSA Board of Directors. We need to nominate two candidates from either academia or non-academia to run for the President-Elect position, two candidates to run for the Biometrics Section Chair position, and at least 5 candidates to run for the Board positions.

Short Courses at the 2018 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium

The 2018 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium will be held from Thursday,

June 14 to Sunday, June 17, 2018, at Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, New

Jersey, USA (see http://www.icsa.org/icsa_login/symposium2018/main.html).

The conference features 7 half-day and 4 full-day short courses on

Thursday, June 14:


Half-day: Statistical Topics in Health Economics and Outcomes

Research: Patient-Reported Outcomes, Meta-Analysis, and Health


ICSA establishes Peter Hall Lecture and Calls for Donation

Peter Hall passed away on January 9, 2016 at the age of 64. We are all very saddened by the loss of Peter, who was a great scholar, a mentor, and a friend to many of the ICSA members. With over 600 journal papers, Peter's scholarly achievements and tremendous productivity are well known.  His exceptional intelligence was matched by his extensive service to the community and great personal warmth and generosity.  Peter was a strong supporter of the ICSA and Chinese statisticians, especially new researchers.  He served as the co-editor for Statistica Sinica from 2008 to 2011.

ICSA 2018 Applied Statistics Symposium

The 2018 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium will be held from Thursday June 14 to Sunday June 17, 2018 at Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. This will be the 27th annual symposium for ICSA. The theme of this conference is The New Era of Data Science and Inference, in recognition of a new era for statisticians with different challenges and opportunities. Keynote speakers include:

Dr. Brad Efron, Max H. Stein Professor of Humanities and Sciences, Professor of Statistics, and Professor of Biostatistics at Stanford University;


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