Speaker Policy

To promote participation of and provide speaking opportunities to our members, ICSA program committee implements the following general guidance to our speakers for all ICSA organized conferences and symposiums.

1. Each speaker can present one paper in one conference/symposium regardless it is an invited or contributed, oral or poster paper.

2. A conference speaker can also serve as a panel member of a panel discussion session or a discussant in a different session in the same conference/symposium in addition to his/her primary presentation.

3. There is no number limit as a coauthor of other presentations, nor to serve as the session chairs and/or session organizers.

4. A speaker may be able to present more than one paper or multiple discussion sessions for the following special situations: (1) being the keynote speaker of the conference and (2) being a participant of designated ICSA special sessions organized by the conference program committee

Locations, Keynote Speakers and Banquet Speakers

  • Year           2016        

Location    Atlanta, GA        

Opening Ceremony Speaker:    Dr. Mark Becker (President of Georgia State University)        

Keynote Speakers:    Dr. Bin Yu (University of California, Berkeley), Dr. David Madigan (Columbia University), Dr. Paul Albert (National Institute of Health)

Banquet Speaker:    Dr. Michael Eriksen (Georgia State University)

Previous Symposiums


2016 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium

June 12-15, 2016

Atlanta, GA, USA

Joint 24th ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium and 13th Graybill Conference
June 14-17, 2015
Fort Collins, CO, USA

2014 Joint Applied Statistics Symposium
June 15-18, 2014
Portland, Oregon, USA

2013 Joint Statistics Conference
June 9-12, 2013
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

ICSA 2012 Applied Statistics Symposium
June 23-26, 2012
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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