Locations, Keynote Speakers and Banquet Speakers

  • Year           2016        

Location    Atlanta, GA        

Opening Ceremony Speaker:    Dr. Mark Becker (President of Georgia State University)        

Keynote Speakers:    Dr. Bin Yu (University of California, Berkeley), Dr. David Madigan (Columbia University), Dr. Paul Albert (National Institute of Health)

Banquet Speaker:    Dr. Michael Eriksen (Georgia State University)

  • Year           2015

Location    Fort Collins, CO

Keynote Speakers:    Susan Murphy (University of Michigan)

GRAYBILL PLENARY:    Richard Davis (Columbia University)

LEADERSHIP FORUM:    Xiao-Li Meng, Greg Campbell, and Janet Wittes

Banquet Speaker:    Howard Wainer (National Board of Medical Examiners)  

  • Year           2014    

Location    Portland, OR    

Keynote Speakers:    Robert Gentleman (Genentech), Dr. Sharon-Lise Normand (Harvard School of Public Health)

Banquet Speaker:    Dr. Sastry Pantula (Oregon State University, former President of the American Statistical Association)

  • Year           2013            

Location    Bethesda, MD            

Keynote Speakers:    Prof. Marie Davidian (North Carolina State University), Dr. Nancy Geller (National Heart Lung and Blood Institute), Dr. Rob Hemmings (Statistics Unit Head at the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and Chair of SAWP), Dr. Lisa LaVange (CDER,FDA)

Banquet Speaker:    Prof. Xiao-Li Meng (Harvard University)

  • Year           2012        

Location    Boston, MA        

Keynote Speakers:    Prof. Bradley Efron (Stanford University), Prof. Andrew Lo (MIT), Dr. Richard Simon (NCI)

Banquet Speaker:    Prof. Stephen Blyth (Harvard University)    

  • Year           2011        

Location    New York City, NY        

Keynote Speakers:    David Donoho (Stanford University), Danyu Lin (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Ji Zhang (Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC.)

Banquet Speaker:    George C. Tiao (University of Chicago)    

  • Year           2010                

Location    Downtown Indianapolis, IN                

Keynote Speakers:    Dr. Donald Rubin (Harvard University), Dr. Xihong Lin (Harvard University), Dr. ShaAvhrée Buckman (FDA), Dr. Christy Chuang-Stein (Pfizer), Dr. Gregory Campbell (FDA)

Banquet Speaker:    Dr. William Chin (Eli Lilly)    

  • Year           2009    

Location    San Francisco, CA    

Keynote Speakers:    Nicholas P. Jewell (University of California, Berkeley), Wing Hung Wong (Stanford University)

Banquet Speaker:   Ron Wasserstein (Executive Director of the American Statistical Association) 

  • Year           2008    

Location    Piscataway , NJ    

Keynote Speakers:    Professor Wing Hung Wong (Stanford University), Professor Nicholas Jewell (University of California, Berkeley)

Banquet Speaker:    Dr. Ronald Wasserstein (Executive Director, American Statistical Association)    

  • Year           2007    

Location    Raleigh, NC    

Keynote Speakers:    Dr. Janet Woodcock (FDA)    Dr. LJ Wei (Harvard University)

Banquet Speaker:    Dr. James Goodnight (SAS)        

 Year    2006
Location    Mansfield, CT

Year    2005
Location     Washington DC

Year    2004
Location    San Diego, CA

Year    2003

Year    2002
Location    Philadelphia, PA 

Year    2001
Location    Chicago, IL

Year    2000
Location    Piscataway, NJ

Year    1999
Location     Washington DC

Year    1998
Location    Mansfield, CT

Year    1997
Location    Piscataway, NJ

Year    1996
Location    Baltimore, MA

Year    1995
Location    Piscataway, NJ

Year    1994
Location    Rockville, MA

Year    1993
Location    Plymouth, PA

Year    1992
Location    New Brunswick, NJ

Year    1991
Location    Bethesda, MA

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