Student Travel Awards

ICSA Student Travel Award

The Student travel award is sponsored by the Annual ICSA Applied Statistics symposium. The main purpose of the award is to encourage student members of ICSA to participate and present their research work at the annual symposium. Travel award winners will be selected by the Awards Committee annually.

The recipients of the “ICSA Student Travel Award" will present the award papers at an invited paper session entitled “ICSA Student Award Session” during the symposium. Each recipient will also receive a plaque commemorating the event and the same monetary sum as the Jiann-Ping Hsu Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Sciences Student Paper Award.

Student Travel Award Recipients

ASA Biopharmaceutical Section Student Paper Award at the ICSA/ISBS 2013 Joint Conference

Lijia Wang, Emory University

A latent class modeling approach for predicting kidney obstruction based on renogram data and expert ratings in the absence of a gold standard


Xiaolu Zhu, University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign

Individualizing drug dosage with longitudinal data


Qingning Zhou, University of Missouri

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