The International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) is a non-profit organization. The Association is organized and operated for educational, charitable, and scientific purposes only.

Its objectives are:

1). to promote the theory and applications of statistical disciplines through scholarly activities, including publication of journals in statistics and probability, scientific meetings, and other educational programs;

2). to broaden applications of statistical techniques in all areas of society, including industry and government;

3). to promote better understanding and interest by the general public in statistical methodology and related applications;

4). to promote better communication through the development of standards and common terminology;

5).to foster cooperative efforts among educational, research, industrial, and governmental personnel in statistical activities.

The objectives are pursued without regard to race, creed, color, sex or nationality.

The Association was officially founded at the 1987 Joint Statistical Meetings in San Francisco, CA. The ICSA was incorporated in Delaware on August 8, 1988, then registered with the US IRS as a non-profit organization. Its membership is open to all individuals and organizations in all statistics-related areas..

The Association currently has over 1000 active members, and became a special JSM (Joint Statistical Meeting) partnership in 2008. The ICSA publishes two scientific journals: Statistica Sinica and Statistics in Biosciences. It communicates via its ICSA Bulletin and the ICSA Newsletter. Its permanent office is located in the 193 Jackson Street, Newton Center, MA,USA,  02459.

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