Job Advertisements

The ICSA welcomes the submission of advertisements related to the profession of Statistics. We offer two types of advertisement services and one payment option.

A. Two types of advertisement services

   1.Posting appears on Newsletter and ICSA website:

  • Period  6 months   12 months
  • Price    $100      $150

    In addition, we will provide the weblink to your advertisements in the ICSA Newsletter.

   2. Posting printed on the ICSA Bulletins:

ICSA in General

  • What does the ICSA stand for?

                International Chinese Statistical Association.

  • When and where was the ICSA founded?

                The Association was officially founded at the 1987 Joint Statistical Meetings in San Francisco, CA.

  • Is there a specific section?

                Biometrics Section.

ICSA Membership

  • Who can become ICSA members?

                Chinese (and non-Chinese) statisticians all over the world.

  • How can I be a member of ICSA?

                Simply click on here, then you can start to fill in online registration form if you have never joined ICSA before. Or fill the membership application form and mail it to:

Gang Li, Ph.D. (Executive Director)

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