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ICSA Bulletin Jan 2015 Issue

  • A Conversation with Jia-Yeong Tsay
  • 回首來時路
  • 2014 ICSA Awards
  • ICSA 2015 Executives and Members of the Committees
  • IMS:ACross-Continent Human Network(with Free Student Membership)
  • ICSA and I—Identity
  • 谁共我,醉明月
  • Use R for Fun:Apps
Table of Contents
  ICSA Bulletin, Jan 2015 Page

Editorial Staff

Yihui Xie 
From the 2015 President, ICSA 2
From the 2014 President, ICSA 3
From the Executive Director 4
Contributing Editors
Yixuan Qiu
 Jun Yan 
New Fellows of IMS 5
People News 6
2014 ICSA Awards 7
Editorial Assistant 
Gong-yi Liao 
Results of 2014 ICSA Election 9
ICSA 2015 Executives and Members of the Committees 9
Executive Committee  Report from the Program Committee 11
Wei Shen  
Report From OICSA 13
Memorial Workshop to Celebrate Life and Work of the Late Professor Chin Long Chiang 14
ICSA Financial Report: July 1 through December 31, 2014 16
Past President
Ying Lu 
2015 Student Paper Awards and Travel Grants Announcement 18
Shortcourses at 2015 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium and Graybill Conference 19
ICSA Canada Chapter 2015 Statistics and Data Science Symposium 22
Mei-Ling Ting Lee 
回首來時路 23
A Conversation with Jia-Yeong Tsay 26
Executive Director 
Zhezhen Jin 
IMS: A Cross-Continent Human Network (with Free Student Membership) 32
ICSA and I — Identity 34
Linda Yau 
谁共我,醉明月 35
Use R for Fun: Apps 38
Consulting Editor
Jun Yan 
Upcoming Events 40
Cover Design: Kan Wu     
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